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Sheree Landerman
Exclusive Buyer Agent


Vice President of THE BUYER'S REPRESENTATIVE LLC, Sheree Landerman graduated from Trinity College in 1976.   Sheree formerly owned and operated an office of 26 agents and is extensively experienced in all areas of negotiation and client accommodation.

She has been in the real estate business for 20+ years, focusing primarily in the Farmington Valley and Greater Hartford suburbs.    Sheree has successfully represented buyers throughout the Central CT region.     She knows the region well, all the variations in lifestyles the various towns offer.   

In accomplishing the goals of her clients, Sheree applies all she has learned over the years.     Her experience is a valued asset to all the agents in our company, who frequently consult her on issues that affect their clients. 

Now as an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent for more that a decade, Sheree’s expertise is devoted solely to maximizing the opportunities of the buyers she works with.  She loves her work, and this she regards to be the secret of her success.  She prides herself on identifying the client's goals clearly.

Sheree is to be considered one of the most experience agents
in all of the Farmington Valley and Central Connecticut.

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