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CEO John Herman's Company Statement on Diversity:


Wherever you come from, or whoever you are, whether you are affluent or with limited finances, expect to feel comfortable this us and expect to be respected by us. You have a right to the finest possible service, and you will get it from us.

The clients we have worked with represent a broad spectrum.

To illustrate with just a few examples:

Are you a moving from India, seeking a good value and a home with good sunlight and a home that orients southeasterly? We will help.

Are you relocated from Europe, South America or Asia?
Expect to feel very comfortable working with us.

Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Unitarian, African, Swiss, Russian, Vietnamese, African, Pakistani, from "down under" or the top of the world?  Expect to feel welcomed.

Are you a orthodox Jewish buyer seeking to buy within an Eruv perimeter? We have experience.

Handicapped buyer needing a special home? We can help.

Buying with a partner of the same sex? Expect to feel comfortable.

Don't see your group mentioned in these examples?
Rest assured, you are welcome.

I really mean everyone: Are you a person who does not like people you regard as different from you?  We also don't discriminate against people who think differently than we do. We are professionals, and we won't discriminate against you either. We will help you find and purchase a good home.         

You should be able to get this level of respect from any agency, and we expect you will. However we want you to know that if you have any doubts in your mind, speak with us, and we will show you that you are on very safe ground.

We respect all peoples. We are one world.