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I come to the field of real estate with a related background—I earned a Master’s Degree in historic preservation—that is, preservation of historic architecture. Yes, I do love old houses, but houses in general interest me because at heart I love nothing more than being at home, so I have always been attuned to the different ways in which people make houses or apartments their very own.

In pursuing schooling and a career as an agent, I sought out John Herman, the owner of The Buyer’s Representative, which as the name implies, represents buyers exclusively. John represented my husband and me when we bought our own historic house in Stamford, so I know not only that he is an expert negotiator (and has also worked as an appraiser), but that his philosophy of representing only buyers is based on a strong sense of integrity with regard to avoiding the conflicts inherent in representing both buyers and sellers.

My other job is as President of Historic Neighborhood Preservation, a private non-profit in Stamford, CT, which is dedicated to preserving historic buildings. As a real estate agent, preservationist, and someone whose design sense was honed by an array of design classes, a lifetime of sewing my own clothes),  and 10 years of experience renovating five houses as an owner and landlord, I am committed to sharing what I know about preservation and other related subjects so feel welcome to check out my blog

I can help you see the possibilities in a house or an apartment whether it is 5 or 150 years old, and our firm of expert agents and brokers have established relationships with people in numerous related industries to guide you through the process of buying your next home whether it is your first or your forever home.

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