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Tutorial Part 2

In any market, the best homes are always competed for.    When you find a home you like, you will want to be ready for it.  



One aspect of this is financing.   Financing  should be in place and documented so that the seller will not question your ability to help his life move forward.   If possible, it should not be merely pre-qualified, but fully pre-approved.    We can help you with this.  If you request, we will refer you to mortgage professionals who we have worked with before, and who have repeatedly proven their ability.    

They know we are working for the best interests of our clients. They know they need to provide our clients competitive rates and superlative service.    We receive nothing from them for referring you except smooth transactions.    Our arrangement  with them is simple...the referrals will continue as long as the client's costs are competitive and service is outstanding.    The service professionals we work with have continued to get high scoring report cards from our detail oriented, often very savvy clients.    They will understand how your financial profile best fits with a wide range of financing options, and you will appreciate the informed choices you are offered as a result.   

Our repetitive relationship with providers is another inducement for them to be there when our clients need them.   If you already have a financing source, we will work closely with them in managing your purchase. 



Another aspect of being prepared is becoming informed regarding the market you are buying in.    It is one thing to listen to the anecdotal statements of friends and realtors (including us), it is another to have the primary information before your own eyes with which to make a judgment.    Part of what we do is help you learn the market trends and current sales in the neighborhood you are buying in so that you can make a very informed choice.     We have advanced appraisal and analysis background, and we use it to put you in a position to knowingly pay a price that makes sense to you and simultaneously one that can be competitive and win.      

You may only have a day to decide when the right house emerges.    You want to be market wise and ready before that happens, and better prepared than your competition.    

We will help you know our market.